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One night in the lives of two young people with vintage cameras is crystallizing debate over an entire movement.

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Depending on how readers were primed to see the ink blot, it can be taken as evidence that the ongoing cultural audit is exactly on track—getting more granular in challenging unhealthy sex-related power dynamics—or that it has gone off the rails, and innocent men are now suffering, and we are collectively on the brink of a sex panic.

Some said they would no longer support his work. They saw in this story yet another case of a man who persisted despite literal and implied cues that sex was not what a woman wanted. Other readers saw a man unfairly persecuted. They saw bumbling attempts at courtship, and some miscommunication. Flanagan is not alone in this sort of warning. Distinctions among many different types of offenses—from bad behavior at private parties to brutal assault and rape of employees and co-workers—were being instantly lost in the fervor.

Gessen and Sullivan both took issue, for example, with the expansiveness of the Shitty Media Men list. Will we? Or is this the same slippery-slope argument that stifles so many cultural shifts toward justice? Where subtlety and reflection are most surely lost is Woman want sex Frazer stories are not told. Warnings against them tend to assume that readers cannot recognize nuance—from readers of the Shitty Media Men list to readers of the stories of Weinstein and Ansari.

The movement is easily depicted as an attempt to divide men into two bins: good or bad.

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Of course, Ansari has not been assassinated or torched or fired from anything. His career is not ruined. He is being shamed, and in all likelihood humiliated, but readers are also being discerning and critical, skeptical of a journalistically flawed telling. To some, Ansari is indeed serving as a face of disrespectful behavior widely seen as coercive.

But I will be surprised if he sees professional ruin. Many men have not seen ificant repercussions, and the fundamental point of the movement is that, for centuries, right up to Bill Clinton and Donald Trump, men saw little to no consequences for coercive behavior. It is unlikely that this will shift in a matter of months to a culture when men are overpunished. Some may be. The reation of Al Franken springs to the forefront of debates. And unfair comparisons have been and will be made. Nor was Shitty Media Men intended to mean that every man on the list was on the same moral footing as a perpetrator of violent rape.

Most have not lost their jobs. The behavior of a Harvey Weinstein is simple to condemn. The harder work is ahead, in the more common and less clear-cut moments that leave people feeling somewhere between uncomfortable and trapped.

These are exactly the stories that people, particularly men, need to hear. The fact that people see so many sides—and in many cases, elements of themselves—in the Ansari story is the reason it needs to be told and discussed. In a sort of internal ink-blot test within the story, Ansari was seeing something totally different from his date, Grace.

This sort of human mating ritual always involves complex arrays of social cues. Part of this complexity does draw from prudishness about sex, and sex panics, that are critical to avoid. That framework still informs much of the rhetoric that puts the onus on women to protect themselves from sexual assault or unwelcome advances. Never mind when the woman does want sex. If agreeing to stay a bit longer is often taken as agreement to more than that, two people can end Woman want sex Frazer on very different s.

In a charitable reading, that may be what Ansari thought was happening. The reality is that this is an audit in which most everyone is implicated—everyone has some situation in which they could have been more communicative, more respectful—and there will have to be a way to tell these stories without precipitating a sex-panic-panic.

Few people want a Woman want sex Frazer panic. When I even see the term sexual misconduct on a CNN banner, it feels regressive, like a person is being ridiculed for the sexual equivalent of eating with his elbows on the table. As much or as little of it as you want.

Ansari is not on public trial because he likes sex too much, for example—or because he likes a particular kind of sex with a particular gender or particular of people, or because of a kink or fetish—or most any other element of sex that would not draw such widespread contempt. Relative to most of recent Western history, this is a time not of panic, but of great openness to proclivities and dispositions. The definition of normal is growing more expansive, if slowly. The element that remains intolerable is nonconsensual sex, which—if sex is today defined by consent—means that these stories of famous men and coercive behavior are not really about policing sex.

It will lead to men being less creepy and domineering, and more communicative and confident in the rightness of how to go about things, and more decent and capable. This is not an anti-sex movement gone off the rails.

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It is a pro-sex movement just laying the tracks. Popular Latest. The Atlantic Crossword.

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