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The Tribe has a proud history, which predates Columbus. The Miccosukee Indians were originally part of the Creek Nation, and then migrated to Florida before it became part of the United States. During the Indian Wars of the s, most of the Miccosukee were removed to the West, but aboutmostly Mikasuki-speaking Creeks, never surrendered and hid out in the Everglades.

Present Tribal members now over and are direct descendants of those who eluded capture. In this fashion, they stayed to themselves for about years, resisting efforts to become assimilated. Then, after the Tamiami Trail highway was built inthe Tribe began to accept New World concepts.

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To ensure that the federal government would formally recognize the Miccosukee Tribe, Buffalo Tiger, an esteemed member of the Tribe, led a group to Cuba inwhere they asked Fidel Castro for, and were granted, international recognition as a sovereign country within the United States. Following this, on January 11,the U. The responsibilities of the General Council consist of the development and management of resources and the day-to-day business activities of the Tribe including those involving membership, government, law and order, education, welfare, recreation, and fiscal disbursement.

This group is also known as the Business Council. It is a combination of traditional tribal government and modern management that forms the organizational structure of the present-day Miccosukee Tribe. On May 4,officers of the Miccosukee Corporation, acting for the Miccosukee Tribe, ed a contract with the BIA authorizing the Corporation to operate all programs and services provided for the Miccosukee Community and formerly administered by the BIA.

These programs incorporate both the traditional Miccosukee Indian ways and non-Indian ways into their system and are all located on the Tamiami Trail Reservation, where the Miccosukee community resides. Membership in the Miccosukee Tribe of Indians of Florida is open to individuals who have Miccosukee mothers and are not enrolled in any other Tribe. The total population of the Miccosukee Service area is about Planning for the Miccosukee Tribe Sookie independent adult at club Miami an ongoing process.

It is a tool used by Tribal and community leaders in the continuous pursuit of the goals of economic self-sufficiency and self-determination. The Miccosukee Tribe realizes that to protect and preserve the resources available to them, they must be fully aware of the social, economic and environmental conditions of their resources. Therefore, efforts are constantly underway to monitor and update data on the population, housing, economy and natural resources of the Tribe.

The Tamiami Trail Reservation Area, which consists of four parcels of land, is located forty miles west of Miami and is presently the site of most Tribal operations.

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The first parcel is These small plots of land were originally dedicated to the Miccosukees by the State of Florida and have since acquired federal reservation status. The Tribe is allowed to use this land for the purpose of hunting, fishing, frogging, and subsistence agriculture to carry on the traditional Miccosukee way of life. On this reservation, the Tribe operates the following: health clinic, police department, court system, day care center; senior center, community action agency, educational system ranging from the Head Start preschool program through senior high school, adult, vocational and higher education programsTribal administration offices, restaurant, general store, service station; Indian Village and museum.

There are two reservations located at the intersection of Krome Avenue and Tamiami Trail. The second reservation area is.

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Miccosukee Police Department was established in This commission allows the police officer to enforce all of the U. Title 18 crimes on the Indian Reservation. Fish and Wildlife Service. All of these commissions allow the police officer to make federal arrests, within the jurisdiction of the Miccosukee Tribe of Indians of Florida.

Color Guard The Color Guard team consists of members 2 flag bearers, 2 riflemen and a commander who perform drill exhibitions or serve as escorts on ceremonial occasions such as memorials and funerals.

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Wildlife Staff of the Miccosukee Fish and Wildlife Law Enforcement Unit is comprised of highly trained police officers with specialized skills in resource conservation. Utilizing airboats, helicopters and ATVs, the officers patrol nearlyacres of Tribal lands in six different counties to enforce federal, state, and tribal hunting and fishing laws.

Unit Crime Scene Investigations Unit provides crime scene processing through the collection of physical evidence through photography, physical crime scene search, recovery of latent fingerprints, and the collection of physical evidence. Detectives ased to the General Investigations Unit GIU are responsible for investigating a variety of criminal activity. The main goal of the SWAT Team is Sookie independent adult at club Miami provide protection and safety for the community it serves and to help reduce the possibility of injuries or death at high-risk incidents.

The working relationship between the School Resources Officer and school-law enforcement relationships are the first line of prevention, with the primary goal of informing and educating teachers and students to reduce infractions of the law and arrests. The proposed Skyway Project in Miami-Dade County identifies alterations to the Tamiami Trail, which would result in the creation of a With regard to this issue, the Miccosukee Tribe of Indians of Florida subscribes to the position of the United States Congress, which requires the completion of the Modified Water Deliveries Project MWDprior to embarking on the construction of any bridges.

To this end, the Miccosukee Tribe of Indians of Florida neither supports the Skyway Project nor any other alternatives, which propose the construction of bridges on the Tamiami Trail, prior to the completion of MWD. The Miccosukee Tribe of Indians of Florida is extremely concerned about the adverse impact of the proposed Skyway Project.

The consequences include, but are not limited to, the following:. To address the issue of water flow through the Tamiami Trail, the Miccosukee Tribe of Indians of Florida advocates a reasonable and financially prudent approach, which commences with the clearing, enlarging, and if necessary, constructing of additional culverts to increase water flow to a practicable extent through the Tamiami Trail.

To achieve this, MDW must be completed. Tribal Leaders. General Council. Developing Independence. Future Plans. Reservation Areas. Tamiami Trail. Alligator Alley. Krome Avenue. Miccosukee police department. Specialized Units. Environmental Issues. Skyway Project. Concerning Adverse Impacts. The consequences include, but are not limited to, the following: Delay in the restoration of the Everglades.

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This area is the critical habitat of the endangered Snail Kite. Invasion of the privacy of the Tribal members and interference with their traditional practices and way of life. Potential to destroy two traditional Indian Camps, through flooding. Negative economic impact on businesses, which are located along the Tamiami Trail, inclusive of Tribal businesses. Modifying of the Tamiami Trail, which has been identified as a historic, cultural resource. Miccosukee Enterprises.

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