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Laura Murray is the deputy executive director of Davida and director of the documentary " A Kiss for Gabriela. ing a pledge that condemns what you do, as a condition for protecting the health of your community, goes against everything we know about H. One of us, Betania, is a sex worker and can personally attest that agreeing to the anti-prostitution pledge would mean taking an oath against herself.

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It is out of the question. Any action or policy that reinforces stigma around sex work not only contributes to bad health outcomes, but perpetuates bad laws and stigmas against "bad sex.

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This is why Davida — the collective we are both involved in — fought the anti-prostitution pledge alongside the Brazilian National AIDS Program in partnership with dozens of sex worker rights and AIDS organizations in In a decision that reflected the government's conviction that sex workers are central to Brazil's H. The idea that the mere administration of services is enough to fight H. For decades, Brazilian sex workers led H. InGabriela Leite was in New York shortly after the anti-prostitution pledge was implemented.

We ask similar questions today, only this time, of Brazil. In this scenario, international funding free of restrictions such as the anti-prostitution pledge becomes increasingly crucial for the kinds of interventions we know work.

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Our fight is about visibility in society, and not just in health clinics. It is as women, workers and feminists.

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We all exchange something to make a living. None of us should have to something against who we are to access health care that we have a right to receive. Opinion on Facebook and follow updates on twitter.

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Sex service Santos

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