Seeking an attractive and intelligent woman

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By Joan Thatiah. What is better? Beauty or brains? Or both?

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Well, when it comes to romance, findings of a new study suggest that men are turned off by intelligent women and only pay attention if the woman has beauty in addition to brains. For the study, researchers from The Warsaw School of Economics in Poland, studied the of more than 4, speed dates.

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On the dates, people were given four minutes each to get to know potential partners. Afterwards, the participants were asked to rate each other as potential partners on the basis of looks and intelligence. The showed that women had simple preferences. They wanted a man to be either good-looking or clever.

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When seeking potential mates, women did not leave out those men who were considered to be less attractive. Even the men who were less attractive received positive responses from speed dating sessions as long as they appeared intelligent. When it came to the men, however, things got a little complicated.

They seemed to place a higher premium on physical appearance, than on brainpower. A clever woman was only seen as a romantic prospect if she was extremely beautiful. The cleverer a woman was, the more attractive she needed to be for the men to see her as worth pursuing.

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For a woman to be seen as admirable, an increase in intelligence had to be made up for by an increase in physical beauty. The study which has been published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences seems to fit in with a common trend in the dating scene where for fear of putting off men, women dumb themselves down and try to make themselves look more attractive. If these findings are anything to go by, it looks like the perfect woman is one who is overly-attractive and only mildly intelligent. One theory that the researchers came up with to explain why intelligence in a woman was a turn-off to men, was that to a man it represents natural curiosity, broad horizons as well as high expectations, traits that can spur insecurity in a man.

Men are naturally attracted to women who boost their egos, not those who make them doubt themselves.

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