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Want to Read. Rate this book. Granny McGee had been a good wife. Now she was expected to be a good widow.

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Demure, polite, invisible. But then she takes a trip to Hawaii and discovers a new life. One full of passion, excitement and adventure. Oh, and sex. Returning home, she continues her exploration of the new life. Men, women, both!

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Granny McGee is a hot new series by a rising star in erotica. Here at last, all six books in one volume, at less than half the price of buying them individually! This edition Format s, Kindle Edition. Published October 4, More details.

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Kerry Killeen 55 books 1 follower. Search review text. Displaying 1 - 1 of 1 review. James Evans. Some things missed. Some of the things missed was the unveiling of the ladies vigana by removing her panties. Tome,this is one of the most erotic things prior to having sex!

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Then, do we really believe a 60 year old woman needs a condom? All in all, there were so many text bullshit messages I just quit reading.

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If a reader can slog through this, the sex scenes are quite good. the discussion.

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Horny Older Women: Adult Photo Book (Granny Sex 6)