New friends at 50

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There are many reasons to find yourself lonely once you start to get older. Quite apart from the usual suspects divorce; death or illness of a friend or partner; relocationonce we reach a certain age, we no longer have the benefit of being automatically exposed to potential new friends because of our stage of life. When we were studying, we met friends at school and university. When we started working, New friends at 50 met friends through each new job we took.

And even better, there are a of things you can do to take the stress out of making new friends and give you the social connections you need. Like most things in life, the most important first step starts with understanding yourself. Most people who admit to feeling shy are surprised when they hear that almost half of all adults feel the same way. The very feeling of shyness makes it feel as if you are the only one experiencing it … the only one feeling awkward at a party when everyone else seems to be having a good time.

And as a result, they have never learned to some of the coping mechanisms which help in these situations. The internet contains lots of really useful resources for people seeking to understand and overcome their shyness. Check them out, learn a little about where you sit on the shyness spectrum, and understand why you react in certain ways to particular social environments. Understanding how you react in these situations is important, as you can learn the type of environment that works best for you. A good understanding of why your brain responds in a certain way will help you choose the right environment for making friends in the steps below.

At a party, an introvert might be standing on their own because they want to. A shy person will be doing so because they feel they have to be. Once they open up to me, however, they will admit they are desperately lonely. This is always one of the most important steps towards finding companionship. Kidding yourself that you are happy alone may seem fine as a coping mechanism, but it actually gets in the way of your happiness. And if you can manage it, tell someone else!

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Doing so is extremely cathartic, powerful, and motivating. This can be someone you know, or it can be to someone online. ing in to activities around things you are interested in is one of the best ways to make new friends. This is why activities and interests are such a big part of the Stitch community: there is really no better way to get people to meet like-minded companions.

Sometimes it took months before you were close; sometimes it took years! Looking for a deep friendship from the get-go is a sure-fire way to be disappointed.

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Real friendship takes time, so set yourself some realistic goals at New friends at 50. It may seem strange to recommend being a leader to anyone who feels like an introvert, but this is actually one of the most important steps in this entire list. Many introverts assume they should leave the organizing of activities and events to extroverts. That will mean the sort of events that shy people really struggle with, such as large groups, big social gatherings, and so on.

The reality is that most shy people will be much happier meeting cool, interesting friends in a low-key environment, centered around things that interest them. Most of these potential friends feel exactly the same way you do about big social events, which means you are lowering your chances of ever meeting them if you just leave the organizing to the extroverts.

You just need to feel comfortable suggesting the sort of low-key activity that you would enjoy. Donating your time to a worthwhile cause is actually a great way to New friends at 50 like-minded people, without the social pressure of feeling you need to make small talk or impress anyone in a social environment. If you can afford to travel, then going on a trip with other people with similar interests is a great way to make new companions. There are plenty of group travel options available these days, ranging from adventure tours to luxury cruises, all with an element of getting you to meet your fellow travellers.

There is no better way to start a new friendship than to experience something unique with them. Travel, volunteering, activity suggestions, interests, groups of all sizes. Some of the activities and events on Stitch are great for extroverts, but the best thing about the community is how it caters for the other half of the population too. Terrific article Andrew. You cover all the bases. I would like to Stitch.

I live in an isolate area and people in this area love to spend their week ends playing cards and drinking beer. I feel left out. Phone use is huge in this area, too. I do not like to gossip on the phone since I have an 11 year old child, although I am I want to travel and meet new people. I would like to Stitch but am unsure about paying to as I live in rural America.

I want to meet people and am a true introvert INFJ. I just got back from our big global get-together in Monterey just over a week ago, and we had attendees from all over rural US. One of the attendees was Community Champion Regina, who lives in a town of residents. It was a real celebration of the power of bringing people together. One of the discussion topics actually was how Stitch caters to introverts, as we have more than our fair share of people who identify as such. I have two children who have left the nest and I miss them very much.

I am shy and very lonely and long for a friend to talk to and do things with. I have ed a few groups but have not met anyone yet. How does someone like me a group like Stitch? Hi Ann I read your post, and it could have been me. I too have two children both just left for college and i too am sad and lonely.

Having raised them mostly myself, the man i was seeing up and left me once the kids were gone, so i am heartbroken and lonely as well.

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Anyway, i send you my support and know you are not alone. All my friends are the age of my. It has not been 3 months since my husband died. I literally want just to meet people and make friends…for free. I tried one site, and literally got a younger man displaying himself. I let him…and explained how unimpressed I was… cause I was. Anyone know how to do so?

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Safely that is. I am recently going through a divorce. I am lonely needing someone to talk with and do things with.

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My name is Sandra. Hi Sandy, Helen here, been witth my man since With someone now but to be honest its only for company i adore my husband but he has found someone else and is happy. The man who loved me for 33 odd years gone!!! I will never get over it i love him with all my heart sometmes i have to pretend he is dead because my heart cannot believe he left me.

Now living with elderly parents. I never thought we Would be Apart from being age I am Alphonso. I live in nyc. Been alone for most of my life and closeness is rare. Check our help guide for more info. Related Posts. About The Author. You can learn more about Andrew's background and what prompted him to start Stitch in this interview with Authority Magazine.

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15 Proven Tips that Will Help You Make Friends After 50