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Tucson is a great "secret" place to settle down. Our mid-size city of almost a million people offers big-city amenities - with a smaller town feel. Mountains in every direction. If you feel like you are coming home whenever you see mountain ranges, you'll be immediately taken in by Tucson. In fact, you'll be quite literally "surrounded" by five minor ranges of mountains: the Santa Catalina Mountains and the Tortolita Mountains to the north, the Santa Rita Mountains to the south, the Rincon Mountains to the east, and the Tucson Mountains to the west.

You won't get the cloudy day blues in Arizona. On most days, you'll wake up and peek out your window to find blue skies and glittering sunbeams. Jaw-dropping sunsets. End your evening with art - in the sky, that is! You'll be treated to cotton candy pinks, bleached oranges, vivid purples, and dappled clouds in surreal shapes. Wide open spaces. If you're like the Dixie Chicks and yearn for wide open spaces with plenty of outdoor hideaways, Tucson's got it. You certainly won't feel claustrophobic in our airy city. Fresh Air. Traditionally, Tucson has high rankings when it comes to clean air.

Biking Paradise.

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If you're looking for accolades, Tucson's won numerous awards when it comes to biking. For People Who Love to Ride. Travel Channel even went on to say that Tucson has "more bicycle infrastructure than any city in the United States. Runner's Wonderland. Same goes for runners. Hiker's Haven. Want to strap on your boots and explore the great outdoors? You can find great hiking trails within the city limits.

No need to drive an hour! Swimmer's Shangri-La. Whether you're in to aquatic athletic pursuits or lounging poolside, you'll definitely find a place to fit in - in Southern Arizona. Ra-ra for the rock-climbers. Remember the mountain ranges in every direction thing? People who scale up boulders for fun will appreciate those. Food Scene. After all that exercise, you'll be happy to know that Tucson's food scene is taking off!

You're especially in for a treat if you head to Downtown Tucson, where the eats are delicious and the scenery is ultra-hip. Pictured: Agustin Kitchen one of our favorites! Tucson has a solid used book store chain with 3 locations. Not only can you find books, movies, video games, and whimsical trinkets for cheap, you can also sell your own items for cash or trade credit. University of Arizona. Into college sports? Then, certainly you're no stranger to the University of Arizona.

The University of Arizona has 21 athletic programs with Wildcats playing many different sports. Prefer basketball? Even without sports, the U of A is a cultural epicenter - with museumstheatredance venues, even a poetry center. Want to start your own biz? Tucson's policies are friendly for small business owners - plus you'll have access to the 6th largest city in the USA Phoenix is only 2 hours away. Mexican Food. Tucson's proximity to Mexico means that we have excellent cuisine options from South of the Border. We've got it all. Along those same lines, you haven't tasted a tortilla until you've been to Arizona.

Just think about Mission tortillas - and they're pretty much the opposite. Again, we're ultra-close to California, Mexico, Moving to az need friends Yuma County 3rd largest vegetable producer in the nation! Mangos for 99cents! Raspberries for 87cents! Yeah, yeah. Tucson natives complain about the summers something fierce. But snowbirds will attest to the fact that Tucson's weather is pretty next to perfect for most of the year. We've spent summers in Pennsylvania and Illinois and Texas Except that we don't get to catch fireflies that's fun. If you've never been in Tucson in July or August, you're in for a treat.

Followed by our resplendent sunshine. The Smell of Rain in The Desert.

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Some people say it should be bottled. Roll down your windows and take a sniff. There's nothing quite like it. Free of Natural Disasters. Compared to much of the USA, Tucson is relatively free of natural disasters. No tornados, earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, etc.

There are a few on-record, but they are very, very rare.

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Fewer Bugs. Also - no need to search yourself for ticks after a hike in the desert.

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Friendly People. Stop and chat to your grocery store cashier. Wave at the people on your street. Host a block party or bicycle parade. That's the way we do it here in Tucson. That's almost worth an annual pass, right there. Head west to San Diego or south to Mexico - and you'll be dipping your toes in the salt water with a margarita in-hand in no time.

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Access without the sky-high prices! That's what we call a Tucson perk.

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Mt Lemmon. Speaking of getaways, you can drive less than an hour to Mt. Lemmon to experience cooler climates in the summer and a bit of snow play in the winter.

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No Snow Shoveling or Bundling. And people with "real winters" are certain to laugh at our definition of a snow day. No Muddy Boots. If Tucsonans see rain the forecast, we rejoice. True story.

Moving to az need friends

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