Man seeking woman doctor.

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I n the Western world, the health of men is poorer than that of women, mortality rates are higher and men use health services less often than women, even when reproductive services have been ed for. Help-seeking is considered to be the recognition of a health concern together with the range of actions that result, one of which is health service utilisation.

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The interchangeable use of terms such as doctor, health service, health service provider and health care system make comparisons between studies complex. Nevertheless, regardless of definitions, men consult doctors specifically general practitioners less often than women do.

Men are often blamed for being poor consumers of health services, and are thus seen to be victims of their own behaviour. Equally noteworthy is that the skills of health service providers can sometimes fail men. In this article, we explore why men are viewed as reluctant to seek help and why they use health services less, and the consequences this has for health service delivery and the development of programs tailored for men.

There are a of interesting observations relating to the pattern of help-seeking and health service utilisation by men. First, the initial approach by men for seeking help Man seeking woman doctor. health-related issues tends to be indirect. In circumstances where men do seek primary health care, they are more likely than women to focus on physical problems and are less likely to disclose mental and emotional problems. These include lack of time, poor access opportunities, having to state the reason for a visit, and the lack of a male care provider.

These observations highlight two ificant issues. First, consideration should be given to how health practitioners behave when interacting with men.

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Second, we need to consider the personal experiences of men when they speak of their health. Therefore, it is important to understand how help-seeking behaviour among men has been explained throughout existing scholarship. These factors do not operate independently of each other and, in the concluding paragraph of this section we suggest how they can be viewed together. Men are also influenced by cultural stereotypes to ignore screening and preventive health care, and to delay help-seeking for symptoms.

The tendency for males to take risks, for example, is associated with higher rates of violence, fatal accidents and the use of alcohol or illicit drugs. The extent Man seeking woman doctor. which this behaviour is related to the tendency to delay or avoid help-seeking, and how this behaviour is shaped or can be modified by socialisation, remains to be determined and ought to be a key focus for research. It cannot be assumed that current health services meet the needs of men, or that health service providers are appropriately trained to address the specific health needs of men.

We need to better understand how to deliver preventive health messages and provide health care in a gender appropriate manner. Recognising the value of adopting a public health approach to address these disciplinary boundaries will assist in improving the health of Australian men. Further data from both quantitative and qualitative studies are required, using multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches and involving all stakeholders.

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Guidelines and statements. Narrative reviews. Ethics and law. Medical education. Volume Issue 2. Med J Aust ; 2 : Topics Health services administration. General medicine. Men's health. Abstract Men seek help and use health services less frequently than women do.

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Man seeking woman doctor.

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