Love in redgrave

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Franco Nero Vanessa Redgrave. The pair played lovers in movie Camelot and director Joshua Logan was hoping for an on-set romance to boost the couple's chemistry. But when the filmmaker first pointed Redgrave out to his Lancelot, Nero felt sure the wrong woman had been cast as the alluring Guenevere. He recalls, "I see this woman who is wearing blue jeans with holes, glasses and no make-up.

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I was sort of cold when he introduced us. She's ugly!

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He tells the Los Angeles Times newspaper, "I knocked on the door and a lady opens the door. She was a beautiful lady. I said, 'I was invited here by Vanessa Redgrave for dinner.

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She said, 'I am Vanessa Redgrave! Helen Shelly was once an internationally renowned Hollywood filmstar, though these days she's living in Tarantino takes an unusually comical approach to a provocative topic, and the result is as Django's Franco Nero wants Quentin Tarantino for sequel cameo.

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Love in redgrave

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Nero fell in love with Redgrave after 'ugly' first meeting