Looking for fun outdoor activities

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Welcome to summer! My kids have been out of school for a few weeks now and the novelty of long hot lazy days is starting to wear off. These fun activities are guaranteed to keep your kids and you entertained, learning, and active while outside this summer! These activities have been tried, tested and kid-approved by our followers, editors, writers, and contributors! Plus, all of the photos in the post of kids outside having fun are from our absolutely amazing Instagram community!

A very special thanks to all the mamas that let us feature their beautiful images. Everyone loves a good water balloon fight! For extra fun, get the whole neighborhood involved. Or throw them high and practice catching pop flies! Split up into teams and each team is a certain color balloon. We like these balloons that are super easy to fill! Just remember to clean up all your plastic trash afterward! This outdoor summer activity was inspired by watching the drummers at an outdoor music festival last summer.

My kids were absolutely mesmerized by the guys playing the drums on buckets, just using sticks and their Looking for fun outdoor activities. Find all the buckets pails, boxes, bowls, pots, etc. Freeze some plastic dinosaurs or other small toys or treasures in a giant block of ice.

Give the kids tools to help them chip away at the ice to get to the treasure. This is a great way to stay cool on a hot day! Get out the hose, buckets and soap and ready for some fun!

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Use towels or sponges to clean all your family vehicles outside and get your cars nice and shiny! Or wash the kids bikes, wagons or Cozy Coupes! You could even have a dog wash if you run out of vehicles! Create a family tradition of playing a game outdoors! This is my personal favorite family game. And if you want extra competition, invite another family over and battle each other!

Summer is the peak time to visit a local orchard. Lots of places let kids pick-your-own fruits, veggies and flowers. Our summertime favorite picks are strawberriesblackberries, peaches, tomatoes, herbs, blueberrieszucchini, watermelons and sunflowers. Visit a local zoo to learn more about the animals and how they handle the summer heat.

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Do they have adaptions that help them stay cool? When are they the most active? Or get more interactive and visit a petting zoo, nature center or animal safari center. Attend one and try out some of the traditional foods funnel cake and lemon shake-ups or the crazy food fried Snickers bars?! Play some games, ride the rides and have a great day of fun! Create magical tiny homes for your fairies out of stones, sticks and other found and recycled materials. For a little extra magic, add some sparkly gemstones, glitter or twinkle lights.

These little paint-your-own fairy doors are adorable! Playing Frisbee is a great alternative to traditional pitch and catch. The flat disc is usually much easier for kids to toss and catch. Throw one around at your local park and see who can throw it the farthest or with the most accuracy.

So much fun for the whole family! Summer rain showers are perfect for playing in! Light summer drizzles are usually warm and perfect for making fun puddles to splash in! Grab an umbrella or go out in your bathing suit! Summer is a great time to get to know the local wildlife and continue your nature study. Help your kids identify the neighborhood birds in your area, by color, size, and song. You can also research what they like to eat, where they live, where they migrate and what kind of nest they build.

If you want to get extra crafty, set up a nature window for bird watching. Get a hetart on winter by building a protective shelter for your garden bugs. Bug hotels are not only part garden art, but they also provide much-needed protection for bugs and beneficial insects throughout the winter. Set up different protected areas in your hotel with a variety of sticks, pine cones, seed he, bamboo shoots, and wood shavings.

Played at night, flashlight tag is a fun game that mixes hide and seek with tag. Then, armed with a flashlight, this person searches for the others who may be switching hiding spots. The flashlight must remain on at all times and may not be covered. Check your local listing for outdoor concerts, movies or shows. Many local venues such as county parks, museums, pools, and libraries host free events for families in the evenings during summer.

Pack a blanket and some snacks and enjoy an evening outdoors enjoying the show! Nothing says childhood like having a lemonade stand. Help your kids make some homemade lemonade, a couple of s and set up a table for their booth.

Not into lemonade? Your kids will be so excited to see their hard work turn into a few dollars! Who knows, you may even spark a future entrepreneur! Plus, biking reduces carbon emissions, eases traffic congestion and eliminates parking problems. Childhood jump rope games seem to have become a lost art. I remember playing all kinds of variations of jump ropes games such as helicopter, double-dutch, French skipping and cat and mouse when I was a kid a million years ago! Most jumping games were also set to fun rhymes and songs.

Set a good example for your kids by cleaning up and explaining to them the importance of taking care of our surroundings and the environment. Depending on your zone, you can start with seeds or transplant sprouts. Some of our favorites are sugar snap peas, beets, cherry tomatoes, mint, lettuce, carrots, zucchini, and pumpkins! Flowers are everywhere you look during the summer! Take advantage of the abundance and preserve some for a cold rainy day.

Place the flowers between sheets of parchment or wax paper and lay a heavy book on top. Let the flowers dry for days. Use the flowers for art decorations, cards, journals, luminaries or anything your heart desires! This is a great way to have a quiet conversation, tell stories or just enjoy some silence while taking in the beauty of the scene. Flying a kite is one of those quintessential childhood activities that everyone should try at least once! Grab a kite from a store or try your hand at making your own! Choose a location with a wide open space, like a football field, park or the beach.

See how high you can get the kite and who can make it do acrobatic tricks! Have everything ready to go, then slide the crust on the grill for a few minutes. Flip the whole thing over and then add your pizza toppings while it cooks. Let the kids help, but definitely with adult supervision. Making nature art using sun print paper is a great way to teach kids about the sun and shadows.

It also encourages them to be observant of shapes, patterns and sizes of leaves, plants and natural objects. Plus, you get some really gorgeous art prints out of it that would look so pretty framed or turned into wrapping paper or greeting cards. See our full post on sun prints for more details. Once the temperature gets warm enough, twilight is the perfect time to chase after these slow flying bugs. Check out this post for more information on fireflies, fun facts, firefly jokes and info on how to save them. Golf is such a fun outdoor activity for the entire family.

We love going out and playing nine holes as a family at a public course or spending an Looking for fun outdoor activities hitting balls at the driving range. Or mix it up and try your hand at putt putt golf — winner gets to pick dinner! Turn your evening stroll Looking for fun outdoor activities afternoon hike into a rainbow walk, where kids are tasked with finding one item of every color of the rainbow. Most kids love performing, so have them put on a show! Have them set up a theater, advertise the show and sell tickets and popcorn.

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Have them perform their show for the family or the neighborhood and be sure to give them a standing ovation! Just some sand, add water and a few cups and buckets of various sizes. Feel free to add shells, sticks, grass or leaves for decorations. Put those future architectural skills to work! Just think about it. When he successfully negotiates the branches, he feels a sense of accomplishment, which in turn boosts his self-confidence.

Sometimes the smallest things like a change of scenery can make all the difference. Try packing a picnic and eating a meal in a whole new location. Choose a park with a fun playground, a picnic table by a lake or the edge of a babbling brook. Spread out a blanket with all the food and let the kids eat as they play with no rushing or nagging at them Looking for fun outdoor activities sit down and eat. Make it a family project to clean out their bedrooms and playroom with them and choose items to contribute to the family yard sale.

Give them a percentage of the earnings or let them have the proceeds from particular items they sell. Be sure to have them help with labeling, advertising, and marketing! And let them help with selling, answering customer questions and making change.

Not sure I have to say anything else about this one. Like jumping rope, hula hooping seems to be another lost art of childhood. Make sure your kids get the chance to experience the thrills and fun of a hula hoop. Watching kids learn how to hula hoop is absolutely adorable and worth the nominal price of a hoop.

Play games, like who can keep it going the longest, who can make it go up and down their body or who can jump through it as it rolls down the sidewalk! Take your kids and introduce them to the vendors. Let them ask questions about where and how the food was grown. Let them taste free samples of fruits, veggies and baked goods. And then pick out a few items to take home for dinner! Summertime is the best time for finding and picking wildflowers. Bring a pair of scissors on your walk and snip a few flowers for a bouquet. Wildflowers make beautiful and colorful arrangements.

But only take a few and make sure to leave plenty for the bees! Create your own version of the Olympics by having them compete for the gold in their favorite events.

Looking for fun outdoor activities

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