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Christopher Long has been fascinated by computers for as far back as he can remember, and it's why he chose to study computer science in college. But finding a job in the field after graduation proved difficult. Despite having a few work experience programs under his belt, including Broad Futureswhich helps prepare young adults with learning disabilities for the workforce, Long found himself sending out countless s with little success. I got into computer science because as far back as I can remember, computers have always kind of fascinated me.

What still, I think still attracts me to computers is just how versatile they are as machines. When Wells Fargo offered me the job, I felt excited, elated, and to be honest, more than a little relief because I'd been job hunting for a while at that point.

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I already had experience with writing Java code. I would not have learned C-Sharp if I weren't in this job. So it's definitely pushed me to learn new things. I'm not really super extroverted, so it helps even in a formal situation or especially in a formal situation like meetings to have and practice with interacting with people. And I have found Wells Fargo to be very both very welcoming and very willing to help when I have a question or a problem.

I'm genuinely enjoying working at Wells Fargo. I feel like I'm definitely getting more practice interacting with people. I think this is genuinely one of the best places I could have chosen to work. Neurodiversity describes the range of differences in individual brain functions and behavioral traits, including sociability, learning, attention, and other mental functions. This includes people with autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and Tourette syndrome, among others — a population that historically has been underserved in the job market. According to the U.

The work entry barrier can be exacerbated by differences in social norms between hiring managers and prospective job candidates, which is part of what the Neurodiversity Program aims to improve. A tailored interview approach also known as SuperWeek based on workshops and interactive, team-based problem solving allows candidates to showcase their talent in a more comfortable environment over the course of several days, leading to more comprehensive assessment by managers.

Externally, the program hopes to establish partnerships with neurodiversity organizations, academic partners, and community nonprofits to help identify candidates and provide support for participants and teams. But they give me an important amount of work to get done and provide me guidance in different ways.

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Stephen DeStefani, Wells Fargo Technology Business Services executive and leader of the Neurodiversity Program, calls the program the most rewarding work of his career. Participants are placed into strategic professional technology roles, such as a systems engineer, developer, or data analyst.

They also a cross-functional agile team that includes a deated support system of coaches and mentors. Long, for example, has been working on creating s to help detect suspicious transactions that may be fraudulent or noncompliant. He learned a new programming language, Cand leveraged this with his existing coding language knowledge to propose and implement a solution for reducing production time in aggregating data.

After graduation, his mother connected him with Greensboro Vocational Rehabilitation Services, which helps people with various disabilities find employment. It was a really positive experience working with the Neurodiversity Program.

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I didn't get the feeling I was being pitied or given a handout or anything. I got the feeling that they were interested in me because of the material that I studied in college, the major, the path that I chose, and they really wanted to be able to find people who had abilities and provide them ways to use those abilities in ways that are beneficial to the company.

I think neurodivergence and neurodiversity, mostly just I suppose it could be referred to people who have just different, just a different way of seeing the world or understanding the information received from the world from what Looking for a wf to talk to be considered normal, I suppose. I do feel that this job is helping me to grow my skills because prior to this I had no job.

So I had the things I learned in school, but I had never actually applied them in what could be called a real-world context. So being able to see what a computer development job is actually like and learning from my teammates and learning how to apply the things I've learned to my job, I believe that this is a very important experience that will help me develop in the future.

Being in an environment where I can make use of the things that I've learned is very comforting to me. And it makes me feel a lot more positive about the future than it did when I didn't have a job and was just a little frightened of what the future would hold. Now that Looking for a wf to talk to in this environment, I feel that a lot of my fear has been put to rest and I feel I can, I'm on a path where I can actually keep moving forward with the road of adulthood.

Miller learned the programming language Python through his work, and has been using that skill to deliver user functionality that is increasing in complexity. A lot of my fear has been put to rest, and I feel like I can keep moving forward on the path to adulthood. This includes expanding technology jobs to include information security, infrastructure, and technology operations roles, as well to functions across Wells Fargo, including Finance and Risk.

But his communication, organization, drive, and overall commitment to advocacy impressed DeStefani enough during SuperWeek that DeStefani converted one of his analyst positions to bring Lieberman on board as the neurodivergent employee enrichment workstream leader for the Neurodiversity Program.

My name is Alex Lieberman, I was just hired into Wells Fargo Technology through the neurodiversity program, I'm currently working to help support and expand it. There's a perception often that we're all children. There's a perception that we're all like superheroes just waiting to burst forward and where we have all kinds of incredible powers and that neither of those are really true, we're people.

But we're people who have different abilities and different needs. One of the big things with me is that I work in stints. And I think that's how I put it. I will sit down. I'll get five hours of work done in two hours maybe, and then I will be burned out for the rest of those next three hours. And I can get a lot of work done very quickly and very high-quality, but I can't pace it. I know there are people within this program who learn programing languages five to 10 times faster than the industry standard and are able to talk to serve as advisors to the rest of their team.

One of the big things that I'm doing is helping set up what's called the Neurodiversity Community Enrichment. And the thing about Neurodiversity Community Enrichment, is we go and talk to individuals who are within Wells Fargo who have identified as neurodiverse, and we bring them together to provide a bunch of different perspectives and build through those perspectives a sensitive and well-rounded approach to making sure that everything that we set forward makes sense to us.

And that's something that's, that it's kind of revolutionary to many people because even the people looking to hire us often see us as people who are not capable of speaking for ourselves. And well, they say people are our most competitive advantage, and by building that neurodiversity program, we get people who are not competed over, even though they really should be competed over in.

And that is an enormous advantage. Wells Fargo teamed up with personal finance and organizational experts Marsha Barnes and Jen Robin to bring the joy of simplicity to your finances with a wallet edit. Bringing financial relief to a global crisis. You are leaving wellsfargo. Wells Fargo has provided this link for your convenience, but does not endorse and is not responsible for the content, links, privacy policy, or security policy of this website. Written by: Janny Hu. Video produced by: Kathleen Llewellyn. You are leaving the Wells Fargo Stories website.

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Looking for a wf to talk to

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