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Support Local Journalism. Riverfront Times Press Club. October 06, News » Feature. Jennifer Silverberg. In some ways, she's always been honest about it. She's unflinchingly blogged every detail of Local sluts Ferguson Missouri sex life for years — she's a bisexual, polyamorous, joyously partnered divorced mother, living and writing and fucking and yeah, it's a lot of fucking in St. Her blog, www.

It has made her into a celebrity of sorts. It has cost her a job. She's called it her second partner. But she's been hiding in plain sight, going to great pains to conceal her name, face and identity on the blog — even as she exhorts her readers to "be open and honest. The blog has become a safe space for sex-positive readers in St. Louis and all over the world to come together.

It's created a virtual community, and Holliday and some of her kinky friends want to take that momentum and push the Midwest forward into greater sexual freedom and openness. Kendra Holliday is 38, with long auburn hair. She favors the sort of rich brocade velvet dresses seen at Ye Olde Renaissance Faire. Her shoulders are often dusted in her ature silver body glitter, and a large gold pendant bearing the letter K always hangs from her delicate neck. She's got the lithe glow of a long-time vegetarian.

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She grew up outside Creve Coeur, in the house her parents still share with her youngest sibling a year-old sisterthree dogs and two cats. The house has photos of all five kids on the wall, alongside photos of nurse Mom and sailor Dad from the beginning of their 44 years of marriage. There's inviting-looking furniture on a back deck, the smell of recently burned incense, a patriotic welcome mat and Mom's collections — camel figurines and books on genealogy and history. In a lot of ways, Holliday's early years were fairly conventional — on the surface.

She was a smart girl and in her school's gifted program. With all the kids around, things were busy, and money was tight, but her siblings looked up to her then and still do now. She went through a goth phase and a weird-hair phase before getting married at But chaos, hurt and mental illness are themes in her family's history, just as much as the obvious love that its members share. Holliday's parents are happy to talk about her childhood, but like many people in her life, they don't want to be identified by name.

Incidentally, "Holliday" doesn't give away her parents' surname or her ex-husband's. She chose the name for herself and made it legal after her divorce. Her parents adore her. They recall entering her Local sluts Ferguson Missouri a beauty contest in Texas when she was three and are still genuinely shocked she didn't win. That was damn near half a century ago, and when Dad leaves the house, Mom gets a big smooch from him.

The pair decided they wanted to have two biological kids and adopt two more. But years went by with no kids, so they adopted two boys first. Then came Holliday, and four more biological children followed. Then a son Local sluts Ferguson Missouri only a few days after he was born. Mom's mental health went downhill, fast. There were suicide attempts and institutions and deteriorating relationships with the. Holliday says her mother attempted suicide at the baby boy's funeral. Then the trouble with the adopted sons came to light — they were molesting Holliday and her sisters, starting when she was eight or nine.

Holliday told her parents about the abuse, but it took two awful years from that time to get the boys out of the house. Cutting the adopted boys out of the family was traumatic, and, coupled with the baby's death, it was a crushing blow. Holliday's father responded by becoming increasingly caught up in work, even as her mother became more and more unhinged. Around age sixteen, Holliday lost her virginity and was then institutionalized herself, her first of three stays in a mental hospital.

I insisted on a condom. I decided I was pregnant and freaked out. I spent Easter in the mental hospital. I was nine years old, and my baby brother died. She's been crazy ever since.

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I didn't understand why she'd forsake her other. Today, she's in therapy and takes antidepressants. Her speech is slurred from some of her more radical treatments. I felt left alone, to feel all that pain by myself. There didn't seem to be any reason to go on living. I felt bad about it. I said, 'You can't live here anymore. I always said I'm never going to talk to my kids with the hateful voice my mother would use.

Then I heard it coming out of my own mouth. It still wasn't on my terms. I mean, I did it; I drove over there. But I was taken advantage of. In her early twenties, Holliday met the man — a dashing romantic character — who would become her husband, and then her ex-husband.

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Their sex life started Local sluts Ferguson Missouri steamy but cooled after they became Mr. They had. After seven years, when Holliday was 30, they divorced. Holliday, a natural writer, took to the Internet on a simple WordPress blog inmainly for "ranting," she says. Early posts were about prosaic topics: getting hit on by a doofus at the grocery store, books she liked, getting a job. But Holliday's sex life was interesting, and getting more so — she was in a relationship with a man who initially wanted monogamy.

Then another girlfriend moved in with them. The blog's name was conceived by her daughter, who wondered aloud during a car trip what kind she and her mother were, and then answered herself: "We are the beautiful kind! As the Beautiful Kind grew more racy, Holliday began to review porn films, answer questions and profile other sex-positive bloggers and real-life friends.

But even with her interest in the wider world, Holliday kept things intensely personal: She has chronicled sex work, stripping, living in a triad with a male and female partner, having her heart broken and ultimately finding peace with a man who neither expects nor offers monogamy.

Like Holliday's parents, Beast was happy to talk about her, but he wouldn't allow his real name to be used. He's a year-old mountain of a man, a divorced father of two, with a commanding and genial magnetism. Beast and Holliday met through an ex of Holliday's. She wrote posts detailing the beginning of their love affair. They've been together ever since, without plans to marry or cohabitate or be sexually exclusive. I don't give her guilt trips.

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We allow each other to be who we want to be. And who they want to be is on full display on the blog. It's written primarily by Holliday, but Beast, her friends and her lovers write guest posts from time to time. Holliday and the Web Master were coworkers once upon a time. He now volunteers his time to create their shared vision.

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He says they're launching a revamped and much more interactive site, ideally in spring Plans include discussion forums and member Local sluts Ferguson Missouri. We're trying to broaden the website's appeal. We'd love to have advertising, partnerships with different companies. The Beautiful Kind has a positive take on sex, in all of its sweaty, raunchy glory — and it never flinches when things get raw.

Holliday has detailed scenes of her partner physically dominating her, tying her up and pissing on her. She writes in great detail about the night her partner brought home a black man so they could enjoy watching his ebony skin and dick in and on her alabaster flesh. She describes meeting an elderly man for sex through the now-closed Erotic Services section on Craigslist. A recent pair of posts took two views of one night. Her partner, Beast, described in breathless tones the night he met a female friend for drinks — a woman with whom he'd long had sexual tension.

The pair had sex in the bar, with the bartender, after it closed for the night. The post is full of macho high-fiving. Then Holliday wrote her take, detailing the searing jealousy she felt as Beast texted her photos of the pornographic scene at the bar. Two lives she's touched are a married St. Louis couple, who — of course — prefer to go by the nicknames they use in the scene and on the blog. The couple, who've been together non- monogamously for fifteen years, met Holliday and Beast after reading the blog and have since become dear friends. They occasionally comment on TBK and appear in stories when they're sexual playmates with Beast and Holliday.

Kendra will tell you if she's speaking from experience. Before trying to educate you, she will learn. The blog, they say, helps bring together the disparate elements of St. Louis' kinky scene — and they believe that cohesion will only increase when Holliday's name and face are attached. The blog had been going strong for four years, two of them almost entirely sex- focused, when in April, through an accidental linking of her personal and TBK Twitter feeds, Holliday's identity was briefly traceable. The person responsible for the firing did not respond to an e-mailed request for comment, even with anonymity guaranteed.

But a story that ran on the Daily RFT blog after Local sluts Ferguson Missouri firing included an excerpt from the e-mail Holliday received from her supervisor:.

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While I know you are a good worker and an intelligent person, I hope you try to understand that our employees are held to a different standard. When it comes to private matters, such as one's sexual explorations and preferences, our employees must keep their affairs private. I thought that I should scrub myself from the Internet and find a desk job," Holliday says. It wasn't easy. Holliday had been enlisted to appear in the New York City Sex Bloggers Calendar, which raises funds for sex-positive causes. But after she was fired, its organizers decided they didn't want Holliday as a model after all.

They told her she was too controversial because she had used her blog to rail against the firing. She took heat on online forums and lamented in a post titled "I Am Not a Sex Blogger" that she wasn't being supported by her online cohorts. One online community, however, decided to step up its support for Holliday. The store also publishes a magazine Local sluts Ferguson Missouri Sexiswhich Holliday has written for since It will be doing even more as she unmasks herself. Holliday's blog has long urged readers to be outspoken. Its motto is, "Be open and honest. Don't be ashamed of your inner pervert.

Work the kinks OUT. There have been plenty of scathing, not-safe-for-work photographs: a series of photos in late September documented Rockabilly Girl fisting Holliday's vagina.

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NSFW: The St. Louis mom behind sex blog the Beautiful Kind is outing herself