Fire station hook up

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Installing a fire alarm in your building is an important step for ensuring optimal fire safety. Who will call the authorities for help? Are fire alarms connected to the fire department? With fire alarm monitoringthe system is connected to the fire department. When smoke sets off a fire alarm, heat triggers a sprinkler head, or someone activates a manual pull station, a message is sent to the central monitoring station where an operator immediately notifies the appropriate local fire department.

Not all fire alarms are monitored. Most residential smoke detectors are single-station units, though home security companies frequently offer monitoring packages.

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Commercial fire alarms can be single-station units as well, but we recommend connecting them to the fire department for increased safety and peace of mind. In addition to aling the fire department to dispatch to your location right away, we promise to send our technicians over within one hour of a fire emergency and within four hours of a non-fire emergency. To learn more about our fire alarm monitoring services, or to schedule an on-site consultation at your Tennessee, Arkansas, or Mississippi business location, please online or call today.

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The information on this website is for informational purposes only; it is deemed accurate but not guaranteed. It does not constitute professional advice. All information is subject to change at any time without notice. for complete details. Posted on: January 30, But what if a malfunctioning furnace or spark from a light fixture ignites a blaze in the middle of the night?

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Fast emergency response: A monitored fire alarm system notifies critical parties as soon as a pull station is activated, sprinkler head goes off, or a smoke detector identifies smoke. It als the monitoring station, which notifies both the fire department and your fire protection company.

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It also sends a message to deated company personnel. Potential insurance discounts: With proof of fire alarm monitoring, you may qualify for lower insurance premiums because the chance of losing valuables in a fire decreases when you have this service. Theft-deterrent: The simple presence of a on your property or sticker on your front window tells potential wrong-doers that your building is monitored.

This can be a feature of a new fire alarm or put in independently as a retrofit to an existing system. Set up monitoring service: Connecting your fire alarm to the fire department requires you to set up a monitoring subscription with monthly payments. Expect the best possible service for your subscription.

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Be aware of automated daily tests: To ensure your alarm system communicates with the monitoring station as expected, a test al passes between the two once a day. Nothing is required on your part, but if the test al is disrupted, a technician from your fire protection company will arrive at your business to troubleshoot and repair the problem.


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Fire station hook up

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