Dr dobson steps in dating

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This level of contact involves gazing into one another's eyes, hugging, and kissing. If the stages have not been rushed, it has meaning beyond anything that has gone before. Typically, it is a reflection of sexual desire and romantic feelings between the partners. Of course, many people engage in face to face activity that is merely frivolous and titillating. I was once counted among them. I got my first kiss when I was thirteen years of age.

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I was with an "older woman" of fifteen who took advantage of my innocence. Just as I used a nickel to get Shirley's attention, this girl used one to play a trick on me. She bet five cents that she could kiss me without touching me. I loved it! Maybe that's how I came up with the hamburger proposition offered to Shirley eight years later. I wish I could say the same nickel was used in both situations. That would make a great story, but it isn't true. It is accurate to say that there are two lucky five cent pieces out there somewhere that figured ificantly in my development as a great lover.

Surprisingly, touching a person's hair in a romantic way is more intimate than kissing and nuzzling face to face. Stroking the head is simply not done by strangers or even casual friends in this culture. I was sitting in church one morning and watching a toddler who was cradled on his mother's lap in front of me.

He was sucking his thumb and gently caressing his mom's curls with his other hand. This mother showed no s of objecting to her baby's familiarity with her hair.

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As I watched this display of affection, I considered with amusement the possibility of doing the same thing. I wouldn't have done it, of course, but it was interesting to speculate.

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If I had leaned forward and wound a curly lock around my finger, Mom might have hit me with a hymnal. Because I would have made an intimate gesture that our relationship did not warrant. I elected not to touch the lady. Stages nine through twelve are distinctly sexual and private.

Obviously, these acts of physical intimacy should be reserved exclusively for the marriage bed. They were intended to be enjoyed by two people who have pledged themselves to lifelong love and irrevocable commitment. Book: Life on the Edge.

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The Twelve Stages of Intimacy: Stages

Dr dobson steps in dating

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