Don t want to screw things up

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Most of it has been the result of poor decisions and a lack of discipline. Your life is something you should reflect upon regularly. Learn to become your own critic and commit to fixing the things you know deep down inside are screwed up. Personal improvement and reflection can get you to a place of understanding much faster. It takes time to get there though. You might need to spend ten minutes a day assessing your life and seeing your decisions for what they are.

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Lack of time is the beginning of all of your problems. We all have one of the following addictions:.

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These addictions are at the root of what goes wrong and force us to screw our lives up. The first step is to admit your addiction. Ignorant people then go on to believe the lie that they can be perfect and that the problem is with everyone else.

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Romantic relationships are a big part of why we screw up our lives. Ask yourself the following questions:. Why am I in a relationship? How do I treat the other person? When your time is not focused in the right areas of your life and you have too much going on, everything goes bad. Saying no is how you take back control. Living in this pretend world where everybody loves us causes us to become lost. By saying no respectfully, you become much better at it. Making the decisions that are always comfortable is the fastest way to screw up your life.

We must grow as human beings otherwise we fall for addictions because we become bored. Having the answer to every problem is not the way to go; not having the answer to every problem but taking the risky option anyway is where you want to get to. Taking risks is harder than it seems.

It takes practice and discipline. The beauty is that we all get options to take risks every single day. Taking these seemingly crazy risks opens up your perspective. From these new heights, you can see the world for what it is: a beautiful place, full of wonderful people all trying to live their purpose and find meaning.

We all have limits that are caused by our beliefs. When you analyze your beliefs and I recommend you doyou realize that they can limit you in so many ways. You can achieve what ever you want, whenever you want. All of a sudden, anything is possible. The challenge is that your limiting beliefs are invisible to your brain.

They can cause you to be broke, selfish, unlovable and very unhappy. No one else can believe in you unless you do so first. You must know that you have everything inside of you to produce any outcome you Don t want to screw things up. Think about all the good things you have done and focus your time on that.

Most of all, treat yourself nicely. Talk nicely to yourself and be patient. When you accept that constant change is going to occur no matter what, the surprises, shocks and bumps in the road become something you look forward to. Change becomes a challenge to keep on growing in new and wonderful directions. Change is not the problem because change is the start of the solution.

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Don t want to screw things up

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