College student needing help

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Emergencies happen. A parent gets laid off or receives a pay cut; an after-school job is eliminated; a family member has an accident or gets sick. The money needed to handle these emergencies may be the money financing a college education. We owe it to these students to be there for them when their college education is at risk.

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Their parents have contributed what they can. College completion grant that covers outstanding balances, such as tuition and unpaid fees, for students who are on track to graduate or continue to the next semester. Students must complete an online application form and show proof of financial hardship.

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Housing insecurity and homelessness have a particularly strong, statistically ificant relationship with college completion rates, persistence and credit attainment. Unfortunately, an increasingly large percentage of four-year college students face challenges related to paying rent and utilities on time and are forced to move frequently. Assistance to cover expenses such as on-campus housing, rent and utilities, security deposits, short-term hotel vouchers during extended school breaks, etc.

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This fund will now be maintained year-round to ensure UNCF can deploy resources immediately. Your contribution to ESA will help ensure this important safety net is in place to catch students when they are most vulnerable. Seniors with unpaid balances risk being denied graduation.

Underclassmen with short-term emergencies risk dropping out and never graduating.

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us in our fight for better futures.

College student needing help

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Supporting Your College Student