Any girls want to go shopping

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I have to buy new clothes. And if you are like most guys, then you will wonder about the allure that shopping holds for women. Here it is from the horse's mouth Shopping means different things to every woman — a necessity, a sanctum, a religion, a way of life, an adventure. Whatever be the meaning of shopping in their life, it remains important to them.

Most men do not understand how something that involves walking around, trying fifteen things, and lugging around huge bags can be relaxing, but then it is a girl thing. We do not expect you to understand but we will try to explain the rationale if you can call it that behind it. Would you like to write for us? Well, we're looking for good writers who want to spread the word.

Get in touch with us and we'll talk Most men and I say men because they always seem bewildered by our love for buying things tend to think that our indulgence in malls has to do with an emotional weakness, our inability to resist pretty things, our need to have what the another woman has, and also an excuse to just spend some time with our girls. Scientists have spent a lot of time trying to figure out the seemingly irrational love women have for shopping. And if their research is anything to go by, then it is all in our genes.

It is a primeval instinct, one that we have inherited from our ancestors. According to a study released in by Daniel Kruger, an evolutionary psychologist at the University of Michigan, it is only natural that women like to shop. Men looked for a prey, hunted it, and brought it back. Women gather fruits and vegetables. They foraged for the ones that were ripe and sweet, selected the best of the lot and brought it back home. Millennia later the basics remain the same.

If you send a man shopping, the chances that he will walk into the store and walk out with exactly what he needs are very high. At the same time, send a woman in and she will look, rummage, and forage for the best possible option, buy a couple of other things in the process, and come out at least ten times happier with herself. It is our need to ensure that we are providing our Any girls want to go shopping and ourselves with the best options there are. We are checking the metaphorical fruits for s of ripeness. So the next time you wonder why we enjoy shopping so much, remember that even science agrees that it is a genetic flaw that we have to look for the best.

When I started writing this article, it only seemed fair that I ask other women why they indulge in retail therapy. Some self-confessed shopping addicts had a lot to say, from how it helped them de-stress to how it was difficult to resist a shiny, pretty, little thing. Others emphasized on how it made them happy. And there were still some a minority who talked about how despite the fact that they did not love shopping, it was a necessity.

The reasons I give in this article are a cumulation of what all of us think. The answer is simple, it makes us happy! First things first. This is true for every person who walks the earth.

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I know many men who would attest to the fact that owning new things makes them happy. Retail therapy is not a textbook theory. It is actually true.

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When you are depressed or feeling a little down and out, buying something new can work wonders for your soul. It may not last a long time but the effect is pretty magical.

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People go to churches and temples to find inner peace and calm, and I go to malls to find the same. The moment I see something that is blingy and bright, I need to have it. When my card is swiped and I finally have the beautiful coral top that I had been coveting a month, I feel instantly happy. Beautiful things are to a woman what a flame is to a moth. Maybe the comparison is a little skewed because the moth does die in the process, but you get the picture.

We cannot resist pretty things. The moment we see something that is breathtakingly attractive we are possessed by an irresistible need to own the same. We have an intrinsic desire to look beautiful and dress up. We like to make our surroundings look good. So while a guy may not see anything pretty in a birdcage if you do not have a pet birdwe may look at it for what it can be; a lamp, a jewelry holder, or even just a knickknack for a corner of the room.

We like the basics, but we love our gild. As someone who has been working for just about five years or so, I can vouch for the fact that there is something extremely freeing about being able to spend your own hard-earned money on yourself and the people you love. It is nice to know that when you get your paycheck at the end of the month, it is yours to spend and to save. No one wants a debt-ridden life, but an indulgence once in a while is great way to remind yourself that you are special.

We see that one pretty dress in the display of a deer boutique, save enough money, go and buy it. The exhilaration lasts just a while before we see another dress that we just must have. It is a familiar situation for all of us. Women are never satisfied with what they have. Even if our closet is bursting at its seams, we will still never have anything to wear. We can never Any girls want to go shopping enough clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories. It is a girl thing that is mystifying to men.

Trust me that as a woman no amount of introspection has helped me find a valid reason for it, except that it is human tendency to always want more. For us it is about the experience. If your girl tells you that she is going out shopping with her friends, then remember that it probably includes lunch, gossip, coffee, and more. We thrive in the company of our girls. We love them, we hate them, but we cannot live without them. We need their opinion on everything and what better time to get their views than while shopping?

Add to that the benefits that retail therapy allows for. All that walking around in malls does burn a lot of calories. Put all of that together and it does make up for a dream day. Which means that I cannot make do with immediately available resources. I need the proper tools and devices to go about the jazz. If I am to cook, I will end up buying all kinds of spatulas, woks, cooking spoons, spoons, forks and the works.

I will buy sauces of various kinds and then remember how exotic herbs are a must in every kitchen and then move over to the section which sells food I probably eat once Any girls want to go shopping two years. Women tend to do things in a certain order. We hate chaos.

We like stuff to be kept just so and we like to use the right object for the right purpose. Also we are hoarders. Case in point, my mom keeps buying jewelry that she never wears and hopes that I will, knowing fully well that it is a hope against hope. We will buy clothes that we want to alter just a little so that they flatter us, pendants that will look great as earrings, heels that we will never wear, a fur jacket which is useless in the tropical island that we live in; all because in our he we come up with a use for them sometime in the future.

It is a problem that we readily acknowledge. It may come as a huge shock but there are times when we shop only because we need to. Oh and before I forget, there are actually women out there who do not like to shop. Sorry to burst that little bubble. Yes, we all have our moments of insanity, but not all of us dream of having deer clothes, shoes, and bags.

The generalization comes from the same book that said men love their gadgets. We are actually capable of walking into a store, buying things off a list, and coming back home without spending an extra minute on anything else. Shopping is a lot of things to a lot of people. Truth be told, the journey can be tiresome. There are days when shopping expeditions can leave you feeling dejected, ugly, and depressed.

No dress fits you right and no color flatters you. Those are the days when you want to curl up into a cocoon and stay there never to come out. But on most other days, it can be the only thing to cheer you up. To most women, it is not only the experience of buying something new, it is the thrill of looking for something that they did not own before.

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Any girls want to go shopping

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