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The following text was automatically extracted from the image on this using optical character recognition software:. Lawrence DuBose. He won the right to represent this city last week against two other entries. The district essays were judged by English instructors at A. College in Kingsville. Topping the record of wins.

Miss Miriam McDonald won the region- al contest in and went to Aus- tin where she was awarded the 6tate title. Another first place and a sec- ond were win by Falfurrias rep- resentatives in the tennis division of the district meet. The three also will go to the regional meet in Kings- ville. Mahafey, Mrs. Blake, Doro- thea and Beulah Downs, Mr. Collins and Howard Mahafey.

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Darby The accident occurred about midway between Kingsville and the June-: tlon with the Alice highway. Although badly shaken and bruised, X-ray pictures taken In a Kingsville hospital showed no bones were broken. Broeter be- gan work on a compartively light civil docket. The grand jury and court, in session Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday, were recessed until Saturday.

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Serving on the grand jury are J R. Forsythe, foreman; A. Dale, Jose A. Lopez, R. Hassell, T. Mangel, Leonardo Villarreal, A J. Burditt, T. Jungeman, Rafael D. Garcia, Diego Cantu, J. Stahl and Herbert Puckey. Proctor, Percy Hunter, C F. Atkins, Jim Land, Harry Ho- ward. Barrera, Rufino Gar- cia Jr. Crabb, T. Plev- ins, Jose Martinez, Ed Fitzgerald. Goodenough, Herbert Randolph, Clyde Rupp. Alaniz, H. Sanders A. Porter, Paul Cornelius, J. Darby, John Negri. A special venire murder case has lieen set for Monday, April 18, for which a venire i f 60 jurors was ordered drawn.

The case is a transfer from Starr county against Urbano Hinojosa. Civil Docket The following civil cases were acted on or set for hearing: Florence Arnold East, et vir, vs. Scott, et al, vs F. Fitz- gerald, suit on note, continued. Meleton Guzman, et al. Simon Tre- vino Salinas, suit to try to title as well as damages, set for April 19 Espirldion Lara, et ux. Naomi Lee Russell, executrix, et al, can- celling and setting aside deed and conveyance, judgement for defen- dent.

Jose Lara et al, vs. Naomi Lee1 Russell, et al, tresspass to try title and for damages, judgement for defendent. Francisco Ramirez, et al, vs. Diego Califa, et al, cancellation of royalty deed, passed for present. Lasater vs. Brooks, et al, mandamus, order to be filed.

Falfurrias Mercantile Company vs. Dickey, suit on note, set for April Sstate of Bertha Jungeman, de- ceased, appeal from Probate Court, passed for present. Ex-parte Pedro J. Nava for re- moval of disabilities as a minor, application granted. One divorce case was dismissed, one passed for the present and three set for Saturday, April While here, the group In- spected the Fhlfurrlas Creamery Prof. Renner was the guest of his brother, E. Renner, anil family. Morris Peterson and baby returned to their home In Shreve- port. Miss Reyes, who is 35 years old, was taken t«» the Alice hos- pital where the operation was performed March 26 and a prom- inent local physician, who re- moved the gigantic tumor but declined to i»e quoted.

Wednes- day stated his patient was re- recovering. She is convalescing in the home of Leonardo Villa- rreal in this city. The attending physician stat- ed he first drew off 96 pounds of fluid from 31 Falfurrias male looking for or ovarian tumor and then followed up with the remrval of the sack.

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He estimat- ed the patient's weight after the operation at approximately 75 pounds. It would have caused death within a short time. This being a charity case, Miss Reyes is grateful for the. Opinions are at considerable va- riance as to what may be expected i in tomato production. Tomatoes Spotted Damage to the tomatoes was very spotted, some small, well-!

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Other patches were completely devastated and all i fields are dry following almost a week of continued strong winds. A few growers attempted to sal- vage a portion of the cucumber crop, heaviest sufferer with almi st a lOo percent loss, by irrigation and several lo appeared on the local market, but buyers were skeptical. Watermelons, those which sur- vived the wind and sand, appear to have a comeback chance if they receive a good rain within the next few days.

H Bitrkholter, local man- ter C. Dyer, Fran- concert band contests.

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Jack- years, was made possible as the son, C. Hazel Blackwell, Mrs. Hassell has served as chairman of [Charles L. DuBose, Alvlcc Duncan, the subscription committee for the last two years. The entire band has reserva- tions at the Plaza Hotel. Vela, Mrs.

31 Falfurrias male looking for or

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